Rescue Helpers

Dog in water
If you want to help in ways other than rescuing and fostering dogs, please contact us with information about what services and support you can offer, and we will post you here so that people can contact you if they need assistance in your area.
Contact Us by Email.

Sena Fitzpatrick
Located in the Gallup area, Sena works closely with the local shelter and takes in all breeds of adoptable dogs. She has a special interest in Border Collies. She is also able to help with transportation within the state.

Lauren Lawendowski
Located in the Albuquerque area, Lauren is able to visit the local shelters periodically to let rescuers know if there are adoptable Border Collies in the shelters. She is also able to do some home visits to potential adopters in the area to check them for rescuers who are not local.

Andrea Jeter I rescue and foster dogs on our cattle ranch and work with them on obedience from the start. When I can, I also work with the dogs on stock to see if they have interest and potential as herding dogs. I can be reached at (970) 565-4910 (days ) or (970) 565-3692 (evenings). We are located in Cortez, Colorado.

Deborah Tolar Located in Santa Fe, Foster home Instruction, information on classes and problem solving for adopters the Santa Fe Area. Border Collies often need a job!

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