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Wondering what a rehome is?


sleeping.jpg1A rehome is a dog who is currently in its home (not a rescue or a foster), but for some reason needs a new home. Owners need to be contacted directly for information and to express interest in a dog. These dogs have been family pets, usually are trained, and the owners are looking for good and loving permanent homes for the dogs.

If you need to rehome a Border Collie and want to list your dog here, please contact us.

Look for Border Collies who need new forever homes below.


Prince needs a new forever loving home!

Hi my name is Angelica, I have a client who has this dog. She is a disabled 56 year old. She was dog sitting for a friend and the friend decided to abandon the dog with her. He’s been here for about 10 months. He’s 8 years old, very good dog, the only thing is: my client cannot take care of him due to her disability.








Prince is not neutered, he is good with kids, he does like to jump up on people, he is really good with adults, he loves to go for walks, and also car rides, and poses for pictures, will stay sitting down if you tell him to, he likes to play catch, he is also an outside dog but loves to come in the house to hang out. As far as shots go I believe he is up to date with his shots, he gets along with female dogs, just not to good with males.

If there is anymore info you need, feel free to message me, thank you.










Bear needs a new forever loving home!

I’ve been fostering a Border Collie for nearly a



year since he was a pup baby. Some hunters found him in an old Elk carcass while hunting for sheds. I work for NMSU and the 4-H agent who is affiliated with the hunters contacted me. He has never been in a shelter.

He’s happy, plays well with other dogs, loves people, would make a great stock dog! Cattle, horses, herding , Loves to work, loves wide open spaces, loves to hike, swim.





I took care of his shots, rabies, got him neutered, house trained him, I’m still working on harness training him. He is loyal, beautiful – handsome, feathered tail, excellent runner and is ready to go any time! He is Kennel trained.
His name is Bear. He is 1 year old. Lots of energy.

Thank you,
April: (575) 430-5116,

Video Bear

Seriously interested need to fill out our adoption application.


Jaz, Besa & Reese need a new forever loving home!

My name is Ginnie Burchardt, I live in Cloudcroft, NM. Email is, cell phone # 575-415-6147. I have 3 Border Collies that must be rehomed. My husband passed away and I will be relocating and can not take them with me.

First – Jaz – male      Jaz Jaz
DOB 8/15/2006
Black/ white
UTD on vaccines
Not good with dogs or cats
Not good with small children
Good with adults
Plays ball/ frisbee
Has a soft mouth

2nd Besa – femaleBesa
DOG 10/03/2009
UTD on vaccines
Not good with dogs or cats
Not good with small children
Has high prey drive, high herding instinct
Has a hard mouth








3rd Reese – male  Reese
DOB 12/14/09
Chocolate and white
UTD on vaccines
Good with all dogs
Not good with cats
Good with older children and adults
A gentle dog
Has anxiety problems Reese

All 3 of these dogs know basic obedience commands.

Ginnie Burchardt Email is, cell phone # 575-415-6147.


Max needs a new forever loving home!

Max is a 10 year old malamute mix who came to my last year, when he was rescued from his lifelong abusers. Max is docile and sweet, but VERY shy and timid. It takes some dedication to make this guy warm up to you, but it’s so worth it. Max loves the dog park, hiking and sunbathing. 
I would ideally love for him to be re-homed with someone who has land and time for lots of exercise. But if that’s not possible, Max would flourish in any environment, and in a single pet home.
My contact info is and 933-0059 Available Dogs Disclaimer


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