Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium

Hi! We have a marvelous border collie mix (looks like part greyhound) named Beatrix, that we rescued from a kill shelter this summer. We adore her, but she cannot tolerate living in a home with another dog- we have a golden rescue we adopted a couple of months earlier. She is great with our three year old, and fine with our cats, but after great effort with excellent trainers, she cannot relax around another in home dog, and due to her strength, she can do some damage in fights. She is good with bikers, runners, etc. Well, no first hand experience with live stock, but she has been great with everything except another female dog in the house and traveling in cars away from home freaks her out- won’t get out of the car.

She is about three years old, fixed, up to date on shots/vaccines. She is super smart, playful, loving and we are heartbroken to lose her. She has some anxiety due to an abuse history before we got her. For the right dog people, she would be a marvelous investment of their time and love.

Seriously interested need to fill out our adoption application.

Lora Blazina (575) 937-9048