Our Mission

our missionThe aim of this site is to provide information and resources for those of us who do Border Collie Rescue independently within the state and to help Border Collies in need connect with their new loving owners who are seeking to adopt a homeless Border Collie in New Mexico.

Since there is no state wide organization, our resources are stretched thinly and any help we can give and get from one another is appreciated.

On this site will be listed any rescue contacts who wish to be listed along with pictures of dogs they may currently have, or requests for dogs they have received which they themselves cannot fulfill but another rescuer might.

Click here to have your rescue become a part of NM Border Collie Rescue Family.

Also, for those who want to help with rescue efforts but are not in a position to actually rescue and foster dogs, there is a section for you called Rescue Contacts and Helpers.

If you want to and are able to do things like home visits with potential adopters, help with transportation, visit local pounds, or any other rescue related work, we would love to include your contact information here.

Besides the service of listing and posting available Border Collies and Border Collie mixes on our website, we also post them on our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Page.

We are NOT a physical location which houses homeless Border Collies in New Mexico.

Thank you for your support.