Lost Dogs

Lost  Border Collies – Strayed or Stolen

Lost – Cheesy

CheesyMy dog Cochise aka Cheesy went missing just outside of Pie Town (Albuquerque) on July 20th, 2017 near Mountain View Estates on York Ranch Rd while on vacation.  He is an intact 8-year-old male that was body shaved at the end of June.  We have searched the area near where he went missing, reached out to Grants shelter, Fur and Feather Animal Assistance and created a flyer on lost dogs NM which has been shared on Facebook.  CheesyMy contact information is Jerry Herrera at 626-841-8658  Please share this information as Cheesy is dearly missed.


Missing – Hulk 

HulkOur Hulk “Hulkie Dog” took off from our new home in Las Cruces in the Picacho/Motel area on Sunday (4/24/16).

He is a friendly and food motivated dog. He does not like to be picked up.

Hulk is about 12 years old and unaltered, and is a very sweet boy, although he does like to run.

We just moved from the University/Locust area of Las Cruces.

If found, please call Troy at 505-377-1728.






Missing – Believed Stolen – Daisy

Daisy - Missing Believed Stolen Border Collie Daisy2









She was lost about a year and a half ago (November 2014) near Storrie Lake in Las Vegas, N.M. When house was broken into. She was obtained from the AWC shelter in town. She would be about two years old now. She is microchipped. 

Las Vegas Contact: 505-426-6494 (David Jackson)
My Contact: 505-429-5393 (Sherry Cornett)