code of ethicsWe will be guided by the following Border Collie Rescuer’s Code of Ethics:


We will always keep the best interests of the dogs in mind and serve as their advocate.

We will sterilize each rescue Border Collie prior to adoption.

We will provide a secure, stable foster environment for the dogs housing them in safe, sanitary conditions and providing them nutritious food, clean water, and adequate shelter. We will care for their emotional needs by interacting one-on-one with them as much as possible and providing environmental enrichment in the form of safe toys.

We will provide veterinary care including core inoculations (AVMA & AAHA guidelines recommend no more often than once every 3 years), heartworm testing and monthly preventative, treatment for external and internal parasites, any veterinary care necessary to remedy preexisting medical conditions, and emergency care if warranted.


We will thoroughly interview potential adopters and receive a veterinary reference on current pets or previous pets prior to placement. The interview should include a written application, phone interview, and home visit – with the goal of placing rescued Border Collies in lifetime, loving homes compatible with their needs.

We will request that prospective adopters be at least 21 years of age and that those who rent or lease their residence provide landlord approval allowing the tenants to have a Border Collie.

We will never place a rescued Border Collier as anything other than an indoor house pet or if suitable as a working dog and never release the original registration papers in our control on any rescue dog.

We will counsel potential adopters about the Border Collie including temperament, health, training and care issues promoting responsible pet ownership.

We will utilize a written adoption contract on each rescue dog which includes their health records and specifically outlines requirements for the animal’s care once adopted.

We will provide follow-up advice and assistance to all adopters.

We will serve as a lifetime resource for every dog adopted from us and will require every adopter to return their dog to us if they can no longer keep it. We will always accept a returned dog.

We will ensure that a veterinarian humanely euthanizes any rescue Border Collie ultimately deemed unadoptable for reasons of health or temperament.