Add Your Rescued Border Collies

Join New Mexico Border Collie Rescue

  1. Any Border Collie rescuer, shelter, club and association groups in New Mexico may join New Mexico Border Collie Rescue
  2. Groups must agree to the code of ethics to be accepted
  3. New Mexico Border Collie Rescue lists member dogs only. If you need to list a dog please go to one of Our Rescue Members, or your local newspaper.

How to Add Your Organization and Border Collies to the New Mexico Border Collie Rescue Website

Step 1. Contact NM Border Collie Rescue website owner Ariëlle Verwey. She will let you know if your organization qualifies to join the NM Border Collie Rescue

Step 2. On behalf of your group, agree to the NM Border Collie Code of Ethics.

Step 3. Sign up at’ Pet Adoption Portal. Be sure to tell at the bottom of your Sign Up with the Portal that you are a group member. You MUST do this for your dogs to show up on’s dog lists. You will receive your login info within a few days.

Step 4. Login and enter your dogs into the Rescue Groups’ Pet Adoption Portal. Check the’s dog listings for your dogs’ listings.

Step 5. Pet Adoption Portal will also send your dog listings to Adopt A Pet and other rescue websites. Coordinate with to make sure this happens. Available Dogs Disclaimer


The “Available Dogs” section, although hosted by, is not a part of nor should it be construed to be a part of the operations of It is solely provided by to the rescues and public as a convenience and information clearinghouse for rescues and potential adopters of Border Collies and Border Collie mixes in New Mexico who need new homes.

The dogs listed are available from their current rescue and are not a part or in any way affiliated with The dogs listed have been submitted by their caregivers for hosting on our site. makes no representation as to the accuracy or timeliness of any information contained in the “Available Dogs” pages. Each rescue is responsible for the accuracy of the information presented for each dog. Each potential adopter is responsible for verifying this information. makes no claims of fitness for use or any particular purpose, of any of the dogs listed here, nor does make any warranty, express or implied, regarding these dogs. Any claims made about these dogs are made by their current rescues and not by

Each individual considering adoption should always proceed with caution and utilize responsible adoption procedures, including the following:

1. Proceed with their own temperament evaluation with the assistance of a qualified professional.

2. Request verification from the caregiver of current vaccination records, including rabies, proof of heartworm status and preventative use, verification of spay/neuter and stated bite history, if any.

3. merely provides web space to assist rescues in finding suitable new homes and to assist potential adopters in locating a suitable Border Collie. will not be held liable for any dog’s actions, nor does it provide any warranty regarding listed dogs’ health or temperament.