About Us

p-199.jpg2Benedikte Whitman, an individual rescuer of Border Collies (“4-Corners Independent Border Collie Rescue”), started the first “New Mexico (Independent) Border Collie Rescue” website in 1998. She wanted to list dogs for other rescuers as well as try and help people place dogs while they keep them themselves.

Ariëlle Verwey, inherited her first Border Collie (mix) Chico from her late teenage daughter Noëlle early 2005 and fell in love with the breed. She was searching online to adopt a rescue Border Collie as a companion for Chico, which she did eventually beginning 2009. In her search, Ariëlle found the first “New Mexico (Independent) Border Collie Rescue” website to be static with no updates for about a year and she approached Benedikte Whitman to update and/or build a new site. After a few months of having build a temporary site, this new site was launched with the help of Caroline Bogart of Bogart Computing, LLC.

Ariëlle likes to help other Border Collies find forever loving homes and volunteering for the now renamed “New Mexico Border Collie Rescue” is to honor her daughter Noëlle who was also an animal lover and advocate. Ariëlle also lead the “Santa Fe – and New Mexico Border Collie Club” which have been merged into the “New Mexico Border Collie Rescue”.

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Chico (6 wks.) & Noëlle (14 yrs.), Christmas 2003 Libby, Ariëlle & Chico, Spring 2009