4-Corners Independent Border Collie Rescue

Adopt a Border CollieLocated in Farmington in the North West part of the state, 4-CIBCR takes in Border Collies from local shelters as well as other parts of the state. Dogs are reviewed for temperament and other factors to aid in successful placement. If possible, dogs are tested on sheep to determine if they have herding instinct, desire, and any ability. Some training is done depending on the length of stay.

4-CIBCR can usually only accommodate 1 – 2 Border Collies at a time as they live with resident dogs and there for cannot accommodate aggressive dogs or dogs that climb fences and leave yards.

Contact Benedikte Whitman for information on dogs listed here by email or at (505) 325-6261.

Fill in the Adoption Application. Download the 4-CIBCR_adoption_contract