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Adopt a Dog Through New Mexico Independent Border Collie Rescue

panting dogWelcome to this web site dedicated to the rescue of Border Collies within New Mexico. We do not have the facilities to house dogs, rather we list rescuers, helpers and adoptable Border Collies. Help us save another homeless animal. Visit our furry friends available for adoption. View our adoptable dogs. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!


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About Us

Benedikte Whitman, an individual rescuer of Border Collies (4-Corners Independent Border Collie Rescue), started the first New Mexico Independent Border Collie Rescue website in 1998. She wanted to list dogs for other rescuers as well as try and help people place dogs while they keep them themselves.



4-Corners Independent Border Collie Rescue

Located in Farmington in the North West part of the state, 4-CIBCR takes in Border Collies from local shelters as well as other parts of the state. Dogs are reviewed for temperament and other factors to aid in successful placement. If possible, dogs are tested on sheep to determine if they have herding instinct, desire, and any ability. Some training is done depending on the length of stay.